CSC Networking Event / Brand Value

mybow is pleased to host the first China Swiss Connection Central Switzerland event on January 21, 2024 at our mybow office. China Swiss Connection (CSC) is a non-profit organization that promotes friendship, understanding and cultural exchange between Switzerland and China through events, web projects and networking.

We welcomed wonderful guests from Jura, Basel, Aargau and Zurich. The introduction of the guests was already very interesting. Thanks to Carli Beeli

The guests could discover an AI presentation from the virtual team of mybow, which you can discover here:

Keynote Speaker – Mr. Ydeng Chen

We were delighted to have our special guest speaker – Yideng Chen from Brand Finance. Before coming to this event Mr. Chen was at the WEF for a week and visited us at our location. The theme of the event was “Sunrise in the East – The Soft Power of China Today and the way of going abroad”.  The group talked Brand value and how the Swiss and Chinese companies can work together.In a warm atmosphere, we enjoyed his impressive presentation on soft power and brand values. We met some wonderful people and had very pleasant conversations.Thank you all for being here.