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CSC (China Switzerland Connection) was pleased to host the second networking event on 08. March 2024 in the center of Lucerne. We were extremely happy to receive our key note speakers Dr. Min Ye and Dr. Enrico Senger and learn more about the opportunities and challenges of AI, use cases, hurdles and differences between China and Europe.

About China Switzerland Connection

China Swiss Connection (CSC) is a non-profit organization that promotes friendship, understanding and cultural exchange between Switzerland and China through events, web projects and networking. The event is part of the regular CSC events in Central Switzerland.


We welcomed wonderful guests from Basel, Zurich, Lucerne and even from St. Gallen. Mr. Carli Beeli, president of the association made a short introduction about CSC and the second event of the series. A brief introduction of the guests helped to warm up the atmosphere and get to know each other. René Bachmann, co-host of the regular CSC networking events made use of his avatar to demonstrate how a use case in a small company can be applied. Discover more here:

Presentation & open discussionThe guests learned that AI is much more than just generated content. Dr. Mi Ye, has come to the event from Berlin / Germany! She inspired the guests with her awesome presentation about the world of AI. Her knowledge and expertise from more than 14 years in the field of AI fascinated all guests. Dr. Mi Ye explained the different fields of AI as well as the differences between Asia, Europe, and the rest of the worldDuring the open discussion, guests had the opportunity to ask various questions. Dr. Enrico Senger, an experienced specialist in the world of AI, provided deeper insights, particularly from the perspective of the manufacturing industry. We extend our thanks to the guests for their engaging and active interaction, as well as for the diverse range of questions.The goal of the event, to learn more about AI, increase understanding of AI, and discover the differences in AI across different regions, was fulfilled. Furthermore, the setup with a welcoming atmosphere, meeting new people, and the further exchange during the common dinner was greatly appreciated. Thank you all for being here. We look forward to the next event.

Wonderful guests and warm atmosphere at the 2nd CSC Networking event Central Switzerland / University of Lucerne

Key note speakers

  • Dr. Min Ye
  • Data & AI Expert and Trainer
  • LinkedIn

Impression from the event